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Ever since I launched legal action against the University of Bristol in June 2020, I have been reluctant to allow something that is the culmination of a painful set of circumstances, in which I had no decision-making power, to define me. Therefore, I have compartmentalised my legal case as "an aside" to my life and my work. However, it is futile to pretend that taking my academic institution to Court does not play a significant role in both. Equally important, I've had to remind myself that I have nothing to be ashamed of, given the fact that I am not a bully, nor am I the institution that I claim, broke both Education and Equality law in order to protect it's bullies.
I must also acknowledge that my legal case against the University of Bristol is probably the main reason why some of you are visiting my website. So here is some information about it.

I am currently doing a PhD with the Centre for Gender and Violence Research. Ever since I started my programme, on January 2018, I have been bullied and harassed by students at Bristol University over my feminist principles. The University not only failed to uphold their own policies and protect me, but instead decided to engineer a two-year institutional process which facilitated this ongoing targeting by enabling their overwhelmingly white, British and Russell-Group-educated students to bully me more efficiently. The University was far more concern with making sure I, along with my supervisors, followed "confidentiality" rules (in order to prevent reputational damage to the institution), than with the fact that my rights were being violated. My case is about how a Top 10 academic institution treats its international students when nobody is watching, and seeks to ensure that what is happening to me does not happen to other students. 

The case argues that this institutional process had the purpose or effect of violating my dignity, and created an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating and offensive environment for me. I am suing the University of Bristol for sex discrimination, negligence, unlawful victimisation, among other claims. I have instructed a magnificent team of lawyers to represent me, including Alice de Coverley from 3 Paper Buildings as my barrister, and Peter Daly and Amara Ahmad from Doyle Clayton as my solicitors, specialising in education and sex discrimination.

In the lead up of my trial, the British magazine The Critic published a podcast between feminist campaigner Julie Bindel and me. You can listen to our podcast about the intimidation of feminists in UK academia here.

My legal case against the University of Bristol took place from 7th-14th February 2022.

You can read more about the details of the case, and see the updates as it moves along on my
CrowdJustice page.

You can learn more about my views on sex-based rights in the Writing and Campaigning sections of this website.




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