Contra el Borrado de las Mujeres 



"I am grateful to FiLiA for its commitment to prioritising the fight to end violence against girls and women in their work. I look forward to contributing my skills to FiLiA’s pursuit of eradicating violence against girls and women, particularly by shining a light and uplifting the voices of women around the world who share our commitment.”

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Women's Right to Write

University of Bristol

"A feminist writer commits the most grievous sin: the sin of assuming that she is entitled not only to hold thoughts inside her own brain, but that she has the right to express them outwardly and with other women. She is so brazen that she believes that her thoughts are so important, that other women (and men) may be interested in reading them. She truly has no shame!"

A Woman's Place is in Academia

University of Oxford

"Women’s Studies was never intended to become a top-down, elitist, aristocratic view of society. Its credibility resided not in the fact that we held space within higher education institutions, but that Women’s Studies was a tool to exchange knowledge about women’s lives which would result in transforming both the structure within universities but most importantly, society at large."

Misogyny and Anti-Intellectualism in Academia

University of Cambridge

"It will take a critical mass of brave women in academia to push through and overcome the gaslighting and doublespeak facing feminists in universities worldwide. The rebranding of abuse as “acts of solidarity”, the distorting of Women and Gender Studies into the academic arm of a misogynist, top-down political movement and the staggering weakness of institutions who should know better is enough to make most people quit and run for the hills."

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