My legal case against the University of Bristol started in June 2020. As you may be aware from the Crowdjustice updates, the trial window assigned to the case will be from the 31 January to 15 April 2022. I will upload documents from my case once they are available to the public on this page. Equally, I will use this page to include documents and information which provide context to matters related to the case. 

Please take a moment to listen to this FiLiA Podcast with Dr Julie Macfarlane, a fierce advocate for survivors of sexual violence and institutional abuse. Her campaigning resulted in a paradigm shift for Canadian courts. She was recently selected as one of Canada’s 25 Most Influential Lawyers and in 2019, she received the Order of Canada. Professor Macfarlane recently published Going Public: A Survivors Journey from Grief to Action. She is the Director of the National Self-Represented Litigants Project. Dr Macfarlane’s podcast is called Jumping Off the Ivory Tower. There is more information about her ground-breaking work to uplift survivors and advance women’s rights on her website. Please support her global campaign to ban NDA’s when it launches in September 2021.

On July 24rd, Professor Macfarlane and I discussed a number of issues pertinent to her remarkable work and some aspects of my legal case against the University of Bristol including: the use of NDA's, the treatment of whistleblowers within academia and institutional gaslighting.

As you know, I am suing the University of Bristol for negligence, sex discrimination, unlawful victimisation, among other claims. In order to assess the negligence claim, both parties are required to submit expert reports. In Spring 2021, the University told the Court that their expert would be Dr Anthony Maden. Afterwards, we gave the them an opportunity to reconsider this selection based on some elements of our case. The University unceremoniously dismissed all our concerns by informing us that the one and only psychiatric expert in the whole United Kingdom who they though could help them win their case against me was Dr Maden. 

Coincidentally, this matter came up in the FiLiA Podcast with Dr Julie Macfarlane above. I attach here the legal judgement regarding Dr Maden that was discussed during the podcast so you are all aware of it.